How to make your swimwear last for years

Materials and Care

All pieces are made entirely from recycled fabrics made from regenerated polyester yarn, made from ocean waste.

  • Chlorine resistant. The fabric isn’t prone to colorization due to chlorine in the pool.
  • UV resistant. The fabric isn’t prone to fade in the sun.
  • Salt resistant. The fabric keeps its quality in salt water.
  • Pilling resistant. The surface of the fabrics isn’t prone to pilling.
  • Shape retention. This fabrics will not get baggy over time, but will stay in shape.
  • Excellent coverage. This bikini will not see through when it gets wet and has an opaque coverage.

(Please note that the points above only apply when the items are taken care of properly. Don’t forget to read the care instruction, to keep the quality of the bikini at its best.)

Taking care of your bikini properly is highly important to ensure your bikini lasts long. If the swimwear is not taken care of properly, fading of colour or losing it’s shape may occur. Therefore we highly recommend to follow the care instructions below:

  1. Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle swim-wear suitable detergent after each use. ‘Normal detergent’ suitable for washing machines is too strong for swimwear fabric and affects the quality and durability of the piece.
  2. Dry in the shade.
  3. Do not twist or “wring out” to dry. Instead, lay the item down between two towels and press to absorb the water.
  4. Make sure your bikini is completely dry before putting away.

Putting your bikini in the washing machine and/or dryer may feel like the easiest option, but over time it will decrease the quality and durability of your swimsuit.