Woman wears the triangle bikini top with adjustable straps, and cheeky brazilian tanga bottom in black featuring rib fabric and satin stitch embroidery

Maintaining high-quality and long-lasting bikinis this summer

Ciao, bella!

Are you ready to uncover the secrets to keeping your favourite swimwear in impeccable condition? We understand the immense value you place on your high-quality bikinis, and we're here to make you the ultimate swimwear care connoisseur, ensuring that your beloved swimsuits stay by your side through endless summers. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all the tips and tricks for making your high-quality bikinis last multiple seasons.

Cleaning your bikini
After each use, it is crucial to delicately hand wash your high-quality bikini in cold or lukewarm water using a gentle swimwear detergent. We know how tempting it can be to toss it into the washing machine but trust us, it’s better not. Regular detergents designed for machines are far too potent for the delicate fabric of your swimwear and can negatively impact its high-quality and long-lasting nature. Treat your bikini with love and care, and it will reward you with longevity!

Once you've given your bikini a gentle wash, it's time to turn your attention to proper drying techniques. Here's a pro tip: always opt for shade drying. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause colours to fade and elastics in the fabric to dry out. Instead, lay your bikini flat between two towels and gently press to absorb any excess water. Twisting or wringing out your bikini can stretch out the fibres and elastic of the fabrics!

Triangle bikini top with adjustable straps, and cheeky brazilian tanga bottom in emerald green featuring rib fabric and satin stitch embroidery

But now, let's delve into: Via di Gioia's bikini quality. We firmly believe in providing you with the absolute best, which is why each and every one of our high-quality, long-lasting bikinis is meticulously crafted from high-quality fibres and undergoes rigorous quality control in our factory. So, what makes a bikini high-quality?

Fade resistance
Our long-lasting bikinis are specifically designed to resist fading. Whether you're indulging in a dip in a chlorinated pool or basking under the scorching sun, the colours of our bikinis will remain vibrant and alive, ensuring that wear and tear become a thing of the past.

UV resistance
Our high-quality, long-lasting bikinis are crafted with UV-resistant materials, meaning that they won't fade away like a fleeting summer fling when faced with the sun's powerful rays. So go ahead, soak up the sunshine without worry in the world.

Salt resistance
We've taken care of the details, so you can frolic freely in the ocean waves, safe in the knowledge that your swimwear will maintain its exceptional quality and shape. Our bikinis are engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater, allowing you to have fun without compromising on durability.

Piling resistance
The surface of our swimwear fabrics is meticulously designed to be exceptionally smooth, leaving no room for those pesky pill formations. Your bikini will remain as flawless as the day you first laid eyes on it, even after multiple wears.

Shape retention
Via di Gioia's sets are built to withstand the test of time. They are meticulously crafted to maintain their shape and form, ensuring that sagging and loss of structure become a thing of the past. Embrace your curves with confidence and rock that poolside look with absolute grace.

three photos of via di gioias bikinis in different colours with rib fabric and detailed embroidery

Excellent coverage
We understand the importance of feeling comfortable and secure in your bikini. With our bikinis, you won't have to worry about any embarrassing see-through moments when you're enjoying a splash in the water.

Now, before we wrap up, let's have a friendly reminder. All of these incredible qualities that set Via di Gioia's bikinis apart shine through when you take proper care of your swimwear. So make sure to follow the care instructions we provided above, and your bikini will reward you with long-lasting companionship and an abundance of treasured summer memories.

Remember, your bikini is more than just a mere piece of swimwear. It's a symbol of joy, freedom, and the confidence to express yourself. With Via di Gioia's high-quality and long-lasting bikinis, coupled with your meticulous care, your swimwear will continue to accompany you on countless adventures, providing you with unforgettable experiences and empowering you to embrace the beauty of summer with open arms.

With love,
Via di Gioia