Plastic-free and reusable box for bikini packaging with beige background

Embracing sustainable and ethical swimwear

Ciao, bella!

Today, we want to chat with you about something that is really close to our hearts: ethics and sustainability. We believe that looking and feeling amazing in your sustainable bikinis and swimwear should never come at the expense of our beautiful planet or the people who make our products. So, let's dive in and discover how we're making a sustainable splash while preserving our planet!

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are at the core of what we do. We want you to feel good about your purchase, knowing that it aligns with your values and contributes to a green, more responsible world. From the very beginning, Via di Gioia has prioritized sustainability, ethics, and transparency in manufacturing our swimwear.

Factory pictures that show how Via di Gioia works ethically and sustainably

Sustainability is all about preserving our planet and embracing a natural, eco-friendly approach. Did you know that every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans? It's a serious problem, and if we don't take action, the amount of plastic waste in the sea could surpass the number of fish by 2050. That's why we've made it our mission to support the reduction of plastic waste. We believe that swimwear should make you feel beautiful without harming our environment. That's why we work exclusively with high-quality, certified, recycled, or biodegradable fabrics, offering sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis.

For our latest collection, we've partnered with Estilmar, a Spanish company based in Barcelona that specializes in producing sustainable fabrics. Estilmar's fabrics, including our sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis, are made from premium post-recycled polyester yarns, such as Seaqual™ and Perpetual™, which are recovered from plastic bottles and waste found in the Mediterranean Sea. By using these recycled materials, we're not only giving new life to discarded plastics but also helping to clean up our oceans.

But sustainability doesn't stop at the fabrics we use. It extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process. Estilmar, for instance, is committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They generate green energy through solar panels installed on the factory roof, ensuring that their fabric production is carbon neutral. Additionally, they employ waterless printing methods to eliminate chemical wastewater, protecting both the environment and the health of the workers involved.

Transparency is another important value for us. We believe in being honest and open about our practices. Estilmar is OEKO-TEX and GRS certified, which means their fabrics, including our sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis, are produced under ethical and responsible conditions. They embrace a local supply chain, manufacturing within a 100 km radius, to reduce carbon emissions and support the local community.

When it comes to packaging, we strive to be responsible and minimize waste. Our designs, including sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis, are shipped in boxes made of recycled paper, which comes from wood harvested from environmentally conscious forests (FSC-certified). We're all about reducing waste, so we opt for reusable packaging whenever possible. Inside the box, you'll find your swimwear carefully packed in a linen pouch that promotes extra care in your closet. Even the hygienic liners of our bottoms, which are part of our sustainable swimwear line, are made of compostable plastic derived from vegetable fibres sourced from FSC-certified forests.

At Via di Gioia, sustainability and ethics are not just buzzwords; they're the principles that guide us in creating swimwear, including sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis, that you can feel good about. We believe that by making conscious choices, we can sustain our planet, preserve its natural beauty, and ensure a better future for all. So, join us in rocking sustainable swimwear and sustainable bikinis and making a positive impact. Together, we can protect our planet and look fabulous while doing it!

With love,
Via di Gioia